We want to provide an experience with technology that is geared toward the end user in a healthy and life-enhancing rather than life absorbing manner. Instead of everyone using some incel’s construct to rate the f’ability of his fellow classmates, let’s see if we can’t build something on a foundation that is a little more respectable.

The part of “social networking” that we want to save is the easy and secure sharing of our lives with loved ones that may be rather remote. We don’t need these giant companies that just sell all of our data to whoever will pay for it…and stear conversations into nonsense by feeding paranoia and conflict. We don’t want or need to feed our narcisistic tendencies by trying to interact socially with more people than our puny human brains can empathize with.

The only people that benefit from that crap are the wrong sorts.

If we don’t hurry I worry that we are going to be stuck with a bunch of laws and crap that prop up these systems and just hand them all the keys to everything we do with any computing device. First by putting them in charge of deciding what’s true and false for us… because yes we are too dumb and lazy to do it ourselves.

So we are going to produce this thing, hope that it sells and takes off so that we can continue to make it better. Our primary goal is to empower the average person to use their technology to its fullest and in the ways they want to. There are a million ways to communicate and share. Anyone will be able to build upon what we have done, as we will others.

The project is called “Homestead” because it will give you the tools to secure your own place in this wilderness that is the Internet rather than rent from others.

Some of the stuff we are considering: