TestEnv - A weird idea

A lot of these apps and such use web services and javascript and such to do their thing. Mostly this serves as a sort of standard form of creating interfaces that interact with systems to process data.

But there are other ways and other systems that provide a generic means of providing interfaces.

What if we used Minetest instead? The general idea would be to allow people to create their games and mods and such and start up servers that people can connect to and move around in. This goes beyond simply cloning minecraft but provides an engine to create all kinds of different worlds.

What we would need, just to start with, is a client that has the ability to be sent to another server and the in-game devices for users to interact with and get sent to these different worlds.

Some worlds and places may be very simple. A picture gallary made of item frames for example… A room with a record collection to play that includes your bands albums.

It also may encourage the view that this is about sharing ourselves and not about drama and bullshit. If you are entering another’s world, their in-game houses, checking their stuff out then maybe there’s less need to be a bunch of bitches and say pointlessly mean crap to people we don’t even know.

So we’re going to give it a go and see what happens. First steps will be to modify the minetest client to accept the new command (it can already be told to leave), a “strangegate” device for the player to interact with and be sent elsewhere, and a small “neighborhood” (the Mr. Rogers game?) game that can be set up as small network hubs.