This is an IoT device that is a good player in the homestead network. It:

  • Is secure from invalid updates

  • Logs in to the homestead network and accesses its services and provides its own.

  • Is a small, wearable device

  • It can be used to identify the individual wearing it. This will need some form of theft defense.

To prototype this device, Strange Crew has purchased a PineTime watch from Pine64.


This device needs a secure bootloader, but one that can be overwritten with a locally built version that has its own keys. Or it needs a way to add keys to it, etc…

Current PineTime bootloader does not validate images. It is likely that it could be easily modified to. On the other hand, this bootloader hasn’t seen any development in a few months and is a hacked together version of mcboot. MCBoot looks like it has since been updated to include the things that would be needed to build it outright to run on the PineTime.

We are going to make sure this thing is working right and validating image signatures before we step into the application development. We also want to make sure the app image cannot stomp on the bootloader without permission.


We are looking strongly at RIOT OS. Mostly like the idea of a microkernel. We want to make sure that it’s easy to expand and add features to. Hopefully in the form of installable “apps” or modules.

Two first features:

  • Use it to unlock the door to my house.

  • Access to its heart monitor and acceleronomer via network/ble RPC.

This may also be the first time we play with the idea of using qrcodes as an rpc transport layer.