Strange Crew’s Strange Website#

The layout, theming, and even what tool to use to generate this website is very much a work in progress. Please bear with us.

Currently we are using Sphinx configured for Markdown and ABlog with the PyData Sphinx Theme.

Recent Blog Posts#

  • Compile Time Aggregate Introspection in C++20 - part 1: Counting Fields - April 01, 2024

    Recently, there have been a number of “reflection” libraries in C++20 that purport to be pure, standard C++. I’ve worked with and on various attempts at compile time reflection in C++ through the years and have never really come up with anythig fully satisfactory. It’s done the work, but the syntax the user has to use has never really been what I’d call “natuaral”. Now it has been accomplished in a pretty clean, approachable way by a few different libraries.