Report 1 - Jupyter: Getting started

I want to use jupyter to:

  • document and create tests

  • document code with possibly runnable examples

  • create user documentation

  • do experiments

  • binding all project documentation into a book

  • and I don’t know…use to help teach.

First goal

create a pytest with code embedded in a notebook (or a show code…something) that will provide a user ui to manipulate test inputs and visualize data. It will also allow the setup of a list of inputs that represent standard tests. These will be run in automated runs through pytest and can also be executed in the book. The PDF output of the notebook will be this data rather than the UI. Pytest runs should generate the PDF.


Maybe what I really want isn’t any sort of pytest integration but a parameterized notebook that will pass its parameters into a function that generates the content of the notebook. Pytest can then be parameterized to compile the notebook?