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  • 05 August - Client Mods

    The next stage of this project is going to involve a command to send the client off to a different server. Don’t actually want to change the client a whole lot because the more we do the more users have to customize and deal with. Don’t want to require a special client.

  • 29 July - Days 2 - 5: more playing around

    Learned a couple more things over the past couple days. I wanted to find a nice way to interact with the thing so looked at some different methods. Ran into some pretty funny interactions.

  • 24 July - Day 1 - Minetest Code

    While waiting in the car for some stuff I had the laptop but couldn’t get online to look at the Minetest modding book. So I spent some time look at the Minetest code itself.

  • 23 July - Day 0 - Stuff that I’ve done so far…

    So far we have minetest building from within our development base image (plus some for this project) and running properly from a docker container. Additionally we have a minimal module that can be added to the environment and has a simple node that can be placed in the world.

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