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  • 17 December - Report 1 - Jupyter: Getting started

    I want to use jupyter to:

  • 16 December - Report 1 - GUIX: Getting started

    The reason I want to learn about GUIX is that it seems like the right thing to base the rest of my custom OS work on. I’ve used various distributions of Linux and I’m not really a fan of them. Further, it would be nice to have a sort of “One Ring” OS that I can use in every place I’d want a general PC OS, including cloud, desktop, embedded, and any other thing that might come up.

  • 05 August - Client Mods

    The next stage of this project is going to involve a command to send the client off to a different server. Don’t actually want to change the client a whole lot because the more we do the more users have to customize and deal with. Don’t want to require a special client.

  • 29 July - Days 2 - 5: more playing around

    Learned a couple more things over the past couple days. I wanted to find a nice way to interact with the thing so looked at some different methods. Ran into some pretty funny interactions.

  • 24 July - Day 1 - Minetest Code

    While waiting in the car for some stuff I had the laptop but couldn’t get online to look at the Minetest modding book. So I spent some time look at the Minetest code itself.

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